[lammps-users] Regarding the command of "group"

Hello everyone,
I saw the command of group at Page 364 of version Jan2009. There is an example shown as follows.

group polyA molecule 50 250
The 4th example above adds all atoms belonging to molecules with IDs from 50 to 250 (inclusive) to the group namd polyA.

However, when i used group as follows
group mol1 molecule 2 5

In the outfile (log file), it told me 18 atoms in group mol1. Actually, i have 9 atoms in each molecule.
This means in the command group i wrote just included two molecules (i.e. molecule 2 and 5),
how can i write a command of group and get the molecules from molecule 2 to molecule 5.

Thanks in advance.


group mol1 molecule <> 2 5

Hope this helps.

Vikas Varshney,
Thanks so much
It works.