[lammps-users] Regions defined across periodic boundaries

Good morning,

I noticed that when I define a sphere near a periodic boundary, the
sphere is truncated instead of continuing through the boundary. Is this
the intended result? Is there a clever way to add the periodic image in
the region definition to have a full sphere? And, can I then define
that as a rigid sphere, or will it end up as a rigid hourglass shape of
two semispheres?


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Regions like spheres don't know anything about box boundaries.
Seems like it would be hard to change that.

If your box size is fixed, you could define 2 spherical regions,
one with the sphere on the left, one on the right, each is truncated
by the box boundary.

Then define a region that is the union of the 2 (truncated) spheres
and the new region will essentially be a portion on the left side
plus a portion on the right side.