[lammps-users] request for feature (source code organization)

Hi Steve, et. al.

Since there has been recent discussion about establishing a subversion repository for LAMMPS, I thought I would bring up this issue of source code organization.

Currently, I have a local subversion repository where I keep my modifications to LAMMPS.

Since I don’t have FFTW installed on some systems I work on, I usually first do a “make no-kspace”. Once I do a “make no-kspace”, then I can call “make serial” or “make my_arch” as many times as I want.

Problem is that when I do a “svn update”, all the kspace source files come back from the grave, so I need to do a “make no-kspace” again. The first subsequent call to “make serial” or “make my_arch” then requires a full rebuild rather than a partial. Can anyone think of a better source code organization solution rather than the current “make no-kspace” route which would allow for “svn update” followed by incremental builds rather than full rebuilds?


If your Makefile.machine has -DFFT_NONE, then you
can build LAMMPS w/out FFTW but with the kspace
package in place.

Then you wouldn't need to do "make no-kspace" and your
make would still be incremental.