[lammps-users] restart simulation error

Dear users,

I encountered a problem as follow: I started a simulation from the attached data file and input file, and got a restart file after running 10000 step, which is ok, and then restart from this restart file for another 10000 step, however, at the end of the secnd running a “segmentation fault” was detected. The data file is composed of a polydispersed polymer chain system. So I couldn’t find what’s wrong? Any suggestion is appreciated!

Best regards,
Zhimin Xiong

in.chain (468 Bytes)

data.s01 (50 KB)

I ran your scripts fine, without error. For both the 1st run and 2nd from
a restart file. Are you running the most current version of
LAMMPS (2 Apr 07) ?

Also, in the 1st run there are many warnings about FENE bonds too
long and dangerous reneighborings, so your polymer chains are somewhat
ill-behaved. This could cause other problems.