[lammps-users] restart2data problem

if the new version lammps(lammps-21Mar09) have many changes . when i
use it , i found i do not use VMD to look the atom.file( use dump atom
command), i gucess some different be in the dump style

Yes, this problem results from the change on 18Mar09

You can resolve this by modify the dump_atom.cpp in the lammps*/src/ :

Line 215 change “fprintf(fp,“ITEM: ATOMS %s\n”,columns);” to “fprintf(fp,“ITEM: ATOMS%s\n”);”
also in the Line 231

Alternatively, you can do something with the new dump_atom files:
In the line 9 of every frame, change “ITEM: ATOMS id type x y z” to “ITEM: ATOMS”

Good luck