[lammps-users] rotate problem

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am trying to simulate a rigid-body’s motion, firstly moving forward and then rotating around its own axis after that. In order to make it clear,please check the attachment.
Acoording to the lammps manual, I choose the “fix move linear” and “fix move rotate” two commonds,however I find that the part just rotated around its original axis which was initialised and never moved forward. Then I checked the program codes named “fix_move.h " and " fix_move.cpp” and the codes told me that once the rotating axis is set at the beginning it will never be changed any more even though we let it rotate around an dynamic axis which subjects to a special function , so it is impossible to realise my idea with the codes nowadays.
Therefore, could you please give me some advice on how to modify the two files I mentioned above or help me fix it?

Kind regards,


discription.bmp (1.04 MB)

It's a bad idea to use 2 fix move commands to constrain
the motion of the same atoms. They will conflict with
each other. If you want the atoms to move in some motion
more complicated than the options it gives, then you need
to use the more general option (in a single command), which
is to define a variable that specifies the motion you want.