[lammps-users] run LAMMPS on win xp

Dear Friends

How can the LAMMPS package, which I have downloaded from the link below, be installed on the win xp?
I heard that it is possible to run LAMMPS on win xp as well.
would you mind please tell me the procedure.

Best Regards

download lammps

Dear Bahman,

I suppouse you should download another pre-compiled version of LAMMPS from the link below:
Select “LAMMPS Windows executable” radiobutton and click on “Download” button.
Note that this version may be run only on a single processor).


31.12.09, 23:12, “bahman daneshian” <[email protected]…24…>:

The LAMMPS manual discusses building for a Win box. There
is also a "notes" dir in src/MAKE that has some instructions
others have used. This is all for building it yourself under Windows.
As someone mentioned you can also download a pre-built executable
from the download site.