[lammps-users] Running more replicas than processors

I am trying to run a 64 replica NEB on 8 processors, but am getting the following error

ERROR: Processor partitions do not match number of allocated processors (…/lammps.cpp:422)

srun: error: c0711a-s30: tasks 0-31: Exited with exit code 1

I saw in the manual that it can be run on a desktop with fewer processors. than replicas Is it different for running this on a supercomputer?

Thank you

You can run on fewer physical processors, but you will still need 64 MPI ranks to satisfy the condition that LAMMPS requires a single MPI rank per replica. Thus you have to tell mpirun that you want to oversubscribe the local machine and ask it to create 64 processes.

Ok, thank you very much