[lammps-users] Set type for a group


I want to change the types of a group of atoms, after reading the data file and the parameter file.

First I define the group:

#define regions and from that the two groups:
region fixed block .0 10.0 INF INF INF INF units box
group wall region fixed

Second I retype with set:

retype the atoms in the wall group to 2 (Ge)

set XXX type 2

When XXX is an atom id (e.g. set 2 type 2) it works ok.
When XXX is a group (e.g. Set all type 2, or set wall type 2) it does nothing.

Can anyone help me see what’s wrong and how can I type a whole group?

Ly Le

The syntax of the set command is confusing since
it works on both atoms and groups. You want

set wall atom 2