[lammps-users] set up problem

Hello All,

I am tring to set up lammps latest version but even I fix (lmp_exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.) problem it is not working. and l was going in this ‘’ lmp_serial - in file. in ‘’ but it is not working. what changed to work file code. how Can I run it Could you help me about this?

Best Regards

Hello Ismail,

If my diagnosis to your problem is correct, your problem is that you need to check the “exact name” of the executable file in your machine (in set up directory) and you need to enable full file name (with extension) from windows setting. In some new versions, their exact name is NOT “lmp_serial.exe”. My working one is to paste the command AS EXACT alphabet “excutablefilename -in exactnameoflammpsscript” in the cd command prompt of your lammps’s script. For example, this form “lmp_serial.exe -in in.shear.lmp”.

What exact version of LAMMPS and on what platform are you on?