[lammps-users] setting polymer flow in a channel

Hi all,

I am trying to set up a poiseulli polymer flow in a channel. I modified the ‘chain.f’ from tools directory to
meet my requirements. However, there are certain issues, which I think you guys can help with.

i) There are two types of atoms in the system. The flow atoms are of bond type and the wall atoms are
atomic style. So I use more general bond style to create the data file. But when I run it, an error occurs saying
FENE bond too long. I am attaching input script and data file.

ii) Is it possible to create two types atoms in the data file. I mean a number of atoms as bond type
and a number of atoms as atomic type.

iii) How to define group/region command in a data file?

Any of help would be greatly aprreciated. If any body has attempted a similar kind of please let me know.

Thanks in advance

equil.chain (673 Bytes)

newdata.chain (98.1 KB)