[lammps-users] shear?

I want to know whether if I give force to the top layer (in a system of 5 layers say), will the subsequent layers be moved/displaced through LAMMPS relatively due to their interactions? If so let me know the commands and conditions for that. Because I have tried with fix deform but it deforms fully and uniformly. Here I have given two images showing the initial(a) and the final steps(b) in a simulation. I want to produce shear simulation like the final one(b) and I do not want like in the figure ©. Also velocity ramp command will give displacements in all the layers. But i want to give only in the top layer. Please help me in this.

a) __________________________

A couple of the examples do something like this (crack, flow).
If the top layers interact with the middle layers and you impose
constraints on the top layers, then yes, the middle will
be affected.