[lammps-users] simulating a 2d horizontal granular particles

Dear Steve,

I want to oscillate the granular particles in 2d horizontal box just in
x-dimension, not oscillating the walls. If I use fix wall/gran with option
wiggls, one for oscillating end walls(yplane) and the other for
oscillating zplane, It works?

But I think oscillating zplane(second fix wall/gran command) is not
necessary, because I want an oscillation just in x-dimension not
z-dimension. Is oscillating the xplane equivalent with oscillating the


What are you saying will cause the particles to oscillate?
I assumed it is their frictional contact with one or more walls.
In which case, you need to oscillate the walls. This
can be done in either a direction normal or tangential
to the wall, see the fix wall/gran wiggle command.