[lammps-users] simulating a 2d horizontal granular particles

Dear Steve,

I have periodic boundaries in end walls in x-dimension. and I want to
insert oscillatory force on particles in x-dimension. for this I couldn't
use fix wall/gran command with wiggle option, because I don't have
frictional end walls and I use boundary p p p command.and I need to
consider frictional contact just between particles and zplanes located in
z = -0.5 and z = 0.5. and also I used these commands:
dimension 2
boundary p p p
create_box cell -1000 1000 -100 100 -0.5 0.5


Any dimension that is periodic should not have walls.
So you should use no walls in the x dimension. And if
you want 2 z planes, then you should make your
system non-periodic in z. And you should use fix wall/gran
to make those z planes and wiggle them in the x direction.


Also, I assume you are running a 3d simulation even
though you call it 2d. If you're going to have z-walls
you need to be in 3d, even if your model is skinny in z.