[lammps-users] Soft Glassy Rheology potential

I am currently building a CG simulation of a white blood cell. I currently have constituent particles interacting according to either a specialized angular-dependent potential (for the lipid bilayer), or standard lennard-jones potentials. To represent the cell cytoskeleton I would like to apply soft glassy rheology theory (SGR), but have been struggling to find a potential in LAMMPS for this. The principle of the theory is that particles exist within a energy landscape of potential wells of varying depth, with particles then able to “hop” between these wells according to a probability function, dependent on their energy. This then describes a glass-like flowing material. This theory was developed by Sollich et al. 1997 (Sollich P., Lequeux F. et al.: Rheology of soft glassy materials, Physical Review Letters, Vol. 78, (1997), pp. 2020–2023)
Do you know of any potentials that already exist in LAMMPS to apply SGR, or could be repurposed to it?