[lammps-users] some questions

Dear friends:

I’m a freshman of md and lammps.Recently I want to make a simulation of Cu/Nb multilayer,but I had some problems with the potential.My idea was that first I write out the eam potential file of Cu and Nb respectively and then set the pair_modify to be mix. However, I only found the eam potential file of Cu,I found the potential equation of Nb in R.A. Johnson, D.J. Oh, J. Mat. Res. 4 (1989) 1195. I have no idea how to write the eam file for Nb,and the pair_coeff for Cu and Nb.Please help me.Thank you for your attenstion!

This is not really a LAMMPS Q, but an EAM Q. You might
try the WWW sites litsed in the doc/pair_eam.html doc
page - they have an archive of EAM potential files.