[lammps-users] Source code for AIREBO

Dear all.

Although I sent two questions for source code of AIREBO, they are not yet solved.
If anyone is acquainted with AIREBO potential, I’d appreciate it if you could answer my questions.


Steve Stuart's AIREBO folks said the first one was a bug,
but the 2nd was an error in the paper, so the code
is correct. I'll post a patch for the first one, but am waiting
for some other details from them.


2010/12/13 <[email protected]...>:

Thanks Steve.
I think about making use of these in my study, and waiting for some other details.
Thank you again.

Masaki Kawachi

Hi Steve,
Is there any update on this AIREBO issue? Thanks.


yes - neither issue raised was a bug - the
code is correct for both.


Great, thanks!