[lammps-users] Spring force.

Hi Lammps Manager,

I have another question on Lammps --

In my another modeling work, I set up 3 types atoms in one big bulk. For their atomic interactions, type 1-2 and type 1-3 are zeros, type 2-3 is a spring force...

Usually, if we construct a potential input_file including all relevant inter-atomic potentials for such system, we may run simulation. But at this time, I want to make a small change, not follow the traditional way, i.e., can I just write some commands in Lammps' read_in file (not potential file), so as to represent above type 2-3 spring force only ?? You know, Lammps can provide to add a constant force into some region or atom groups, maybe it can also provide a "spring force" command for my modeling work (or at least equivalently)??



If you mean a spring force between a particular pair
of atoms, this sounds like a bond. So the bond_style
command for options. If you mean a spring force on
a group of atoms, see the fix spring command and its