[lammps-users] temp. controllers in 3D simulations

I am wondering why compute/temp command in 3D shear
simulation is used 2 times. As far as I understand,
firstly 3D temp. is computed, then 2D temp. is
computed. But I don't understand the reason.

# temp controllers

compute new3d mobile temp
compute new2d mobile temp/partial 0 1 1

If I want to make 3D sumilation, should I compute
temp. separately for 3D and 2D.

Thanks for your responses.

Dilek Cakiroglu
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Oklahoma State University

The system is equilibrated with the 3d temp (all components included)
in the first run. In the 2nd run, it is sheared, and since that introduces
a large x-component of velocity, only a 2d temp is then computed (on
the y,z) components.