[lammps-users] Tension Simulation

Dear User,
I am facing a simple problem here. To check the tesion test simulation by LAMMPS. But i don’t know why it gives the values of only first timestep and others are NAN. And one more confusion is the
negative value of tensor.

Another problem i faced is that when i try to import the DCD file in VMD, it shows nothings. Can anyone tell me how to generate the topological(i.e. angle, bond, torssion angle) information used in LAMMPS. I mean i want to generate the standard input file for LAMMPS.

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You can generate input files for LAMMPS via several of the tools
described in doc/Section_tools.html. If you are getting NaNs than
you have likely given bad input to LAMMPS. E.g. you are pulling
too hard. Figure out what is going wrong by doing viz or looking
at forces on atoms.