[lammps-users] the format of EAM potentials with an ".eam" suffix and ".eam.alloy" suffix

Dear steve:
I have a question about the format of EAM potentials with an “.eam” suffix and “.eam.alloy” suffix.

According to the pair_style eam command doc page. The tabulated values of pair potential are not explicitly given in the single-element EAM potentials with an “.eam” suffix. Instead, the tabulated values of effective charge function Z® are listed. And LAMMPS can calucate the pair potential via the formula: rphi = 27.20.529ZiZj. Are my understanding right?

However, in the EAM/alloy potentials with an “.eam.alloy” suffix, the pair potentials, namely r*phi, are given explicitly. If I want to convert a “.eam.alloy” potential, such as Ag.eam.alloy, into “.eam” potential, should I convert the pair potential in ".eam.alloy’ files into the effective charge function Z®?

Besides, is there anything I should pay special attention?

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

Yes., I believe you have to do that conversion.