[lammps-users] The number of bond styles used in a individual simulation

Dear LAMMPS users,

I have a question about the number of bond styles used in a individual simulation.

In my simulation system, two bond styles (e.g harmonic and morse styles)
are needed to constrain the bond length. However, it seems that only one bond style
can be chosen simultaneously in lammps. If I missed anything about it, please let me know.

I also tried to modify the source code to use the two bond styles simultaneously.
In bond_harmonic.cpp, some code about the “morse function” has been added.
So there are two bond potential in bond_harmonic.cpp. The global variable
“bondlist[n][2]”(bond type) is used to distinguish them and to evoke them
for a special bond type.

That is the whole I can do. I am afraid that these is something I missed.

Any suggestion on my question will be greatly appreciated.


xu zhijun

The current LAMMPS (C++) has a bond_style hybrid
under which multiple bond styles can be used simultaneously.