[lammps-users] The output of "fix smd"

Dear Lammps users,

Now I have problem with the output of “fix smd” (steered MD). In the manual, it says we can get a vector list of 7 quantities associated with this fix by various output command.

In the input file, I have

fix 6 hi1 smd cvel 215.0 -0.00001 tether NULL 60.0 NULL 0.0

thermo_style custom step temp pe emol etotal press vol f_6

I got the error message of
ERROR: Thermo fix ID does not compute scalar info

I did compile this package with “user-smd” package and I can run this code completely if I didn’t put “f_6” in “thermo_style”.

Could anyone tell me how solve this problem, please?

Most appreciate.

Yajie Lei