[lammps-users] the question about 'make linux'

In my single-processor workstation (redhat 9.0),i could creat an executable procedure
using ‘make serial’ for the lammps (both lammps-30jan06 and lammps-F77).
Now i want to do the same thing using ‘make linux’,but fail unluckily.
i have intalled the mpich-1.2.7 and fftw successfully,
So i want to know whether it could be done using ‘make linux’ for the personal computer.
IS the command ‘make linux’ only can be used in parallel computers ?

Best regards!

You could try using “make serial”. Type “make” in the STUBS directory first. But you might want to modify the makefile so that you can link to the FFTWs.

Alternatively, you could modify the linux makefile so that you don’t need the mpich libraries. Just link against the STUBS. (See how the makefile serial does it.)