[lammps-users] The unit of the "stress" in lammps

Dear LAMMPSers:
     I have some questions while using LAMMPS.
     At the beginning, I want to say that in my input script , there is a line of
"units metal"
as we all know:
For style metal, these are the units:

    * distance = Angstroms
    * time = picoseconds
    * mass = grams/mole
    * velocity = Angstroms/picosecond
    * force = eV/Angstrom
... ...

     In the web page below:

     In that following formula, Sab is the sum of 3 terms: m*v*v, r_ij*Fp,
     In my opinion, the unit of term:"m*v*v" is the same with "r_ij*Fp", both are
     But the unit of mass for style metal is "grams/mole".
     How can we get "eV" for "m*v*v".
     If this assume is incorrect, what the right one should be ?
     Thanks for any reply!

Fengchao Wang

LAMMPS does the conversion internally to make m * v * v
into an energy consistent with the other energy units.