[lammps-users] Too many groups

Hi all,

I want to divide my simulation domain into small boxes according to
coordinate and then compute temperature in each small box over certain
time period. So basically i use

region 45 block -1600 -1540. -55. -45. INF INF
region 46 block -1600 -1540. -65. -55. INF INF
region 47 block -1600 -1540. -75. -65. INF INF

group 45 region 45
group 46 region 46
group 47 region 47

However, the group #s I used are more than 50, seems exceed the limits
and lammps complained.

I wonder is there any way to increase the allowed group numbers or
could somebody suggest me another smarter way?

Thanks a lot,


Why don’t you use compute temp/region?

See http://lammps.sandia.gov/doc/compute_temp_region.html



Thanks, but still need group ID.