[lammps-users] Trying to use a fixed boundary along one axis

I am trying to use fixed boundary conditions along only one axis. It seems that atoms will always try and cross this boundary, causing the simulation to crash. Is there a way that I can apply some kind of force along the boundary so that the atoms will resist the temptation to cross? Also, is there a way to apply a pressure along one boundary? I am trying to condense my structure along one axis only. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Cameron Hadden
Michigan Technological University

By "crash" I presume you mean that you lose
atoms and LAMMPS prints an error message. You
can allow that to happen w/out an error if
you wish via the thermo_modify lost keyword.

You can also apply a wall to repel atoms
at that boundary. See the fix wall commands
for various options.