[lammps-users] tungsten meam potential

Dear lammps users,

Hi, I am a beginner lammps user.
I need a tungesten meam potential file. As I checked library.meam file, there are some parameters of tungsten and I confirmed that those values are correct with reference paper.

I have no idea how to generate or get a tungsten meam potential file.
I really appreciate your helps.

heesung choi

If the W params are in the library.meam file, why can't you just run
it with LAMMPS?



As I saw example directtory(example/meam), w.meam file is need to run lammps, even if the W params are in the library.meam file such as SiC.meam. Or am I misunderstood something?

HeeSung Choi

From the meam doc page:

If the 2nd filename is specified as NULL, no parameter file is read,
which simply means the generic parameters in the library file are
used. Use of the NULL specification for the parameter file is
discouraged for systems with more than a single element type (e.g.
alloys), since the parameter file is expected to set element
interaction terms that are not captured by the information in the
library file.