[lammps-users] Two Questions about Granular Package

I have a box for pouring grains (Pouring grains from one side of main box) and a big box at the bottom of this box for pourig grains in it. my main box size is :(0 350 -5 5 0 250) and my pouring box size is(0 10 -5 5 50 240)For pouring from one side. but i can not pour much grains(about 20000 grain) and i have the warrning:Less insertions than requested . ant it run with about 500 grains. How can I run my problem.
I have another question.When I pour my grains in box from one side I shuld be see a triangle from grains(a hill from grains) but I can not see it and grains have overlapping with themself. How can I see me hill.
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Hamed Maleki

Hamed Maleki
Physics Department, Faculty of Science,
University of Birjand, Birjand, Iran
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The warning you mention is usually b/c the insertion routine was
unable to find nough open locations to insert a granular particle.
If you decrease the volume fraction you are requesting in the
fix insert command, you insert less particles (per iteration of
the insert), but should be less likely to get the warning.

Re: viz of your resulting granular pile - I don't know what viz
package you are using, but if the grains are pouring into the
box from one side, then LAMMPS should be doing the right