[lammps-users] Ubuntu installation

I have a fresh installation of Ubuntu 10.04 (Beta1)

Now I want to install LAMMPS.
In LAMMPS manual you can read:
make linux

but it doesn’t work. Here http://swiss.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1390490 they write that you need a special make file for ubuntu, as Ubuntu is Linux but not the right Linux distribution for LAMMPS. (The make file in the given link doesn’t work (is written for Ubuntu 9.10).)

By the way I installed the build-essential package in Ubuntu, therefore a missing C Compiler shouldn’t be the problem.

in the LAMMPS FAQ you can read:
“LAMMPS is very portable. It should build on any platform with a C++ compiler. The GNU g++ compiler or commercial compilers work fine. I have built LAMMPS for several parallel and desktop machines, which all run Unix or Linux variants, and for a Mac (OS X).”

So it should work but how?



linux is linux, but since installations and distributions vary
and are highly customizable, you may not have the right
packages installed, or they may be in a different location.

the "highly portable" statement is true, but is meant for
people that _know_ how to build software and adjust
makefiles for the idiosyncrasies of their local installation.

why don't you just follow the instructions in the forum,
which also provides the makefiles as attachements?


Portable means you can build it for any machine with a C++
compiler, but you still have to insure the Makefile.foo you are
using is consistent with your box. The lo-level Makefiles,
like Makefile.linux have lots of settings that are explained
in the manual. The error you are getting is for the ATC package,
I'm guessing you did not enable that package correctly, or build
it first, and thus are having problems building LAMMPS. The
building of add-on packages is also discussed in the manual.