[lammps-users] unit of thermal conductivity

what unit conversion is required to get thermal conductivity in W/mK. and what is the unit Molecular Dynamics code will give for thermal conductivity. If any one of user can tell me, I’ll be very much thankful to them.

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Vijay Kumar Sutrakar

See the doc page on the fix thermal/conductivity command
and the Muller-Plathe paper it cites:

"As described below, the total kinetic energy transferred by these
swaps is computed by the fix and can be output. Dividing this
quantity by time and the cross-sectional area of the simulation box
yields a heat flux. The ratio of heat flux to the slope of the
temperature profile is the thermal conductivity of the fluid,
in appopriate units. See the "Muller-Plathe paper"_#Muller-Plathe for