[lammps-users] Updated version of Windows executable?

You can build the lammps by visual studio c++ following the manual and tips of src\MAKE\Windows.
some head files is needed in src\stubs.
In addition,

1).For VS no support dynamic array, you should replace with this code of dynamic array by new operator and delete[].
e.g. double * x=new double[n]; … delete[] x;
2) some long double overload function error, just modified the parameters x as long double(x);
3)pclose popen identifier not found. for win is defined as _popen and _pclose, so add
#ifdef WIN32 #define popen(x,y) _popen(x,y) #define pclose(x) _pclose(x) #endif
these are my experience on building lammps by vs 2005, hope these can help.

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