[lammps-users] Use of fix wall with undefined lattice error

I’m trying to run a simulation of water bounded by solid surfaces in the z dimension (input script attached).

However I’m interrupted with the error “Use of fix wall with undefined lattice”.

I’m assuming this means that I need to include a lattice command.

However, I’m a little confused since I used the replicate command for my initial configuration.

I’m not sure how a lattice command in conjunction with the replicate command will complicate things further.

guidance appreciated,


Sorry here’s the attachment.

in.nick_tip4p_fix_wall (774 Bytes)

Use the units box option with fix wall and then you
don't need a lattice defined. Many LAMMPS commands
that take a position or length as input work this way. You
can either specify that quantity in box units or in lattice
units (the default). For the latter you simply need to
have used the lattice command to specify the length
scale you want.