[lammps-users] Use of LAMMPS for high temperature enthalpy calculation

Dear LAMMPS users,
I am a new worker in the field of molecular dynamics. In fact I am yet to download and install the source code. However, before starting I would like to know if the following problem can be addressed using LAMMPS.

I have a system with a combination of ions, say Cs+, Cl- and an actinide ions, say U3+ at high temperature , say 1000 K.
So, basically we have a combination of two ionic solids; namely CsCl and UCl3. Now, I use a composition X(UCl3)=0.50 X(CsCl)=0.50.

I want to calculate the enthalpy of mixing of these salts at 1000 K. Can this problem be addressed using LAMMPS?

With the best regards
Suddhasattwa Ghosh

I've never done enthalpy calculations - Aidan may want to comment.
But the more critical question is whether LAMMPS has potentials
suitable for your materials. We just added an EIM potential (pair_style eim)
suitable for ionic solids, so you may want to check it out and/or talk
to the author if those elements are not in the current EIM potential file.