[lammps-users] user-contributed content pages on LAMMPS WWW site

Hi all - we're going to try a social experiment with the
LAMMPS WWW pages. There are now 3 pages
that invite user-contributed content:


The goal is to allow users to share their
LAMMPS know-how, tricks, input scripts, etc
with others and maybe foster some new
collaborations among you. Naturally, it will only
be useful if various folks contribute. Submissions
will be "reviewed" (i.e. glanced at for 0.1 sec), within
a day or so, just to prevent spamming.

The "experiment" part of this is to see whether the
LAMMPS user community is the kind-hearted,
generous, conscientious types of folks we imagine.
Or lazy, selfish, bums like the chief code author.