[lammps-users] Using fix ave/time to calculate a running average

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use the ave/time fix to calculate a running time average of
system properties. By 'running', I mean that I want to evaluate a particular
property every M time-steps, and then calculate a running average of all of
those evaluations. For example, in my input script I use the command:

fix myTempAvg all ave/time 10 1 10 c_thermo_temp ave running

where M = 10 for this example. However, it's not obvious to me that this
command is doing what I intend. Can anybody clarify how to do a running time


Jon Zimmerman

You have it right. If you do 2 runs with and w/out the "ave running"
you should be able to see that the code is performing a running
average of the instantaneous quantities.