[lammps-users] using the lmp2arc tool

I am trying to use the tool lmp2arc to convert the lamps dump file for use with Material Studio. However in the examples folder, you need a .car file format, how do you generate this?

Someone familiar with Mat Studio will have to answer this.
It's not a LAMMPS file.


Hi jean,

I checked lmp2arc code in tools directory of lammps, it seems it can convert
the trajectory file of lammps to .arc file of material studio.

I assume that you have material studio with you.

So, whatever type of system you are analyzing in lammps, you must make a
cell of similar system (same total number of molecule, same no of type of
atoms per molecule) in material studio using amorphous cell module and
export it in .car file.
This .car file can be used with lmp2arc code to give .arc file.


I might be a little late on this but as Dhiraj mentioned, .car is exported by MS. If you prepared your initial system in MS, you should have both .mdf and .car file for starting systems.