[lammps-users] variable COMMAND problem

Dear LAMMPS users,

A segment in my input file:

variable l loop 1000
variable r equal mult(2000,$l)
read_restart restart.$r

When the variable l=500 and r=1000000, I found an error:
read_restart restart.1e+6

Apparently, my file is restart.1000000. So it stops and can't go on.
Could someone tell me how to get rid of it?
Any suggestion is appreciated!

Lines like this in variable.cpp


are what write the 1.0e-6 into the string that becomes
the filename. So you could try playing with the format
of those.

Or assuming you created the restart files from a previous
LAMMPS run, you could rename them to smaller digits.
Then this script could generate smaller numbers and have
no problem.


Thank you for your explanations.
Yes, I created the restart file via the last version of LAMMPS, and now
I know the reason that I got "1.0e+6" string. I have changed the file name
to get small digits.