[lammps-users] variable for image flag and position

  1. I’d like to flip the coordinate of atom inside simulation box when atom’s cooridnate is out of range of simulation box before update list process.
    Is there a command to perform such a job it in LAMMPS?

  2. Is there variable for image flag of a certain atom?
    I can’t find it and if I’d like to see and change image flags of a certain atom, what should I do for it?

  3. To calculate deviation distance of every atom for the skin depth of neighbor list, original position per every atom should be required, as you now.
    I think there is a variables for coordinate and image flag of original poisition per every atom, whether it is predefined variable or inner-use only
    If I can see and change such variables, what should I do for it?

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Why do you want to do any of these things?
(1) in particular sounds like a way to mess
up what LAMMPS is already doing.

atom->image stores the images flags
neighbor->xhold stores the original position
of each atom at the time reneighboring is done


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