[lammps-users] velocity profile


I'm Sergey,

I have recently begun to study LAMMPS and i'm an entry-level user. So, i have a question.
Could you help me to make a velocity distribution using output of LAMMPS?
i think this is quite known function.
i want to make a fluid-velocity profile, please, help me to do it!

Thank you, Sergey.


There are lots of ways to do this in LAMMPS. The general documentation is given here:


The “brute force” method would be to print the velocities in your dump file, then write a script to parse those values and create a velocity distribution profile; you should look at the on-line manual for the “dump” command.

Another way would be to compute the scalar velocities for each particle, and write those to the dump file; see the “compute” command documentation for more details.


You can use commands like fix ave/spatial, or fix ave/histo. But you'll
need to read the doc pages and try it out yourself. No one is going
to write input scripts for you.