[lammps-users] Website issue and single atom group question

When downloading the lammps upgrade today, I'm receiving the unzipped tar (46 MB) but with the .gz suffix.

Secondly, is there a simple way to define a group with only a single atom near a designated point. I need to grab only one atom. It doesn't necessarily need to be the closest atom to the point, but it should be within some bound.

I apologize if this question has been answered previously. I'm having trouble with the mail list archive search.


James Palko

The WWW site doesn't store an unzipped version of the tar file,
so that must be something your browser did. If you can't grab
the latest upgrade tarball, try clearing the cache in your browser,
and trying again.

Re: group of one atom. There's no such option for finding a single
nearby atom in the group command, but you could write a command
or add an option to group to do it.