[lammps-users] What does -lpoems represent in Makefile.g++ for 22Dec05lammps

Dear LAMMPS users:

Does anyone know the libraray -lpoems in Makefile.g++ for 22Dec05lammps? Where can I get such library? Is it necessary to add such library in order to compile MPICH version of LAMMPS with FFTW?

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Is there a version 22Dec05 of lammps? The latest one I can see on the
website is 10Nov05.
    Anyway, I had the same problem with 10Nov05 like you do. I checked
Makefile and found 'poems' is supposed to be an optional package of lammps,
however not implemented. It doesn't hurt at all to remove '-lpoems' from
Makefile.g++. This argument only affects Makefile.g++ and Makefile.linux. I
successfully compiled lammps after removing '-lpoems'. It has nothing to do
with MPI. As for me, I linked lammps to a local mpi library and it works

The 22Dec05 version of LAMMPS is the same (for the
moment) as the "LAMMPS upgrade --- C++ version (10 Nov
2005) with all subsequent bug fixes and new features
described on this page" version listed on the download
page: http://www.cs.sandia.gov/~sjplimp/download.html
. This version is the same as the "LAMMPS --- C++
version (10 Nov 2005), original release, GPL license,
7.2 Mb" version, except it has all of the latest
patches applied. -Paul