[lammps-users] Write atoms beyond region limits

Dear all users.

I want to create a block of atoms, type 2, between 7.0 and 300.0 distance units in z-directions (in the upper region). I do not understand why the LAMMPS writes type-2 atoms from 40.0 up to the top of the simulation supercell.

Below, there is a minimum code with the issue. Can anyone help me?

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Pedro Moreira
Departamento de Física, UFSCar, Brazil

you probably overlooked that regions are by default defined in lattice units and not in box units.
the default setting is so that they two are the same, but once you set a lattice, you need to use “units box” if you want to define regions with the same settings.


You are right. Thanks.

Citando Axel Kohlmeyer <[email protected]>: