Lammps users

Hello to all,

I am doing my simulation with LAMMPS on Windows, I use the MEAM potential to describe the interaction between the Cu-Cu atoms. I apply the following command.

pair_style meam
pair_coeff * * library.meam Cu Cu Cu.meam Cu

After running the program, it displays the following error.

ERROR on proc 0: Did not find all elements in MEAM library file, missing: Cu (src/MEAM/pair_meam.cpp:457)

however, when I studied the interaction between two different types of atoms, example Cu-Co, the function runs without any errors.

pair_style meam
pair_coeff * * library.meam Cu Co CuCo.meam Cu Co

knowing that the values library.meam, Cu.meam, CuCo.meam, I have takes from the site Interatomic Potentials Repository

Thank you for your explanation of this error.

Your pair_coeff command is not consistent with the documentation of the meam pair style.
Why do you try to “extract” Cu twice?

P.S.: Please always use a meaningful subject line and assign your inquiry to a suitable sub-category.

Thank you sir
I have reread the pair_style meam course and I have placed only one atom Cu. therefore the program works well.

Also, The last remark "always use a meaningful subject line and assign your inquiry to a suitable sub-category. ", I did not understand well.

Your post uses the subject “Lammps users” that doesn’t mean anything and does say anything about what your post is about. Like with emails, you want a descriptive subject so that people can see what you are asking about and thus are more likely to read and answer to your post.

Similarly, for the LAMMPS section of the forum, there are multiple subcategories (LAMMPS General Questions, LAMMPS Installation, LAMMPS Development, LAMMPS Beginners). If you select one of those for your post (and you can do that even now), in addition you can add tags (e.g. error, meam). This will help people in the future that have the same problem and then can more easily find this discussion and therefor an answer to their problem without having to ask the same question again.

Ok thanks
I understood your remarks, thanks again for your help.