lammps website?

I have noticed that lammps website has completely been renewed :slight_smile:

It’s nice. However, how can I access to the files and topics (like examples, docs, downloads, and …) in the previous version of the website?

Thank you

What does “renewed” mean.

The web site changes continuously.

If you download an old version of LAMMPS, you

get the old doc pages, old example directories, etc.

There is no such thing as the “old” website.


When I visit on a mobile browser, I see the sandia homepage (identical to at The LAMMPS website looks as expected on my laptop. Perhaps this is what Xiaolin is talking about.


This is unbelievable! :smiley:

10 hours ago, when I wanted to load the website, it loaded the content of a page that now I see it was the content of this page:

But now everything is alright…

are different :slight_smile: Thank you