LAMMPS Windows Packages Feedback Wanted

hi everybody,

over the past week, i have updated and streamlined the build and
installation process for the LAMMPS for windows packages. Also the
webpage has been simplified and some additional instructions and
explanations added. with the official release of fedora 19, i am also
switching to the new GCC 4.8.1 based cross compiler with slightly
better performance.

I encourage everybody that has downloaded one of those packages
before, to uninstall the old and try out one of the new packages. when
uninstalling, please watch out for left over and misplaced entries in
the start menu and the programs folder. some of the older packages had
issues there, that have since been resolved. you can get the new
versions here.

i would like to ask everybody that is using those binaries to review
the webpage below and send in corrections and suggestions for
improvements. i don't use windows usually and may have explained
things badly.

i also would like to get more feedback on how MPI based parallelism
performs versus thread based parallelism. i have noticed rather
inconsistent numbers and often significant differences from linux
(some good, some bad). it would be *extremely* helpful to get some
timing info from people that run more than just a few test jobs like

here is the URL:

thanks in advance,