LAMMPS wishlist and requests to developers

hi everybody,

as you may be aware, there is going to be the next LAMMPS users
workshop in albuquerque in a few weeks. among many opportunities for
LAMMPS users to showcase their work and discuss and network with other
users, it also brings together many of the LAMMPS developers and

as the designated chair of the developers/hackers sessions i am
reaching out to the many people subscribed here that cannot attend
(and to those that can) in order to help me formulating a list of
discussion topics for this sessions.

this is the opportunity to formulate your wishes, talk about the
features that annoy you the most (or that you like the most), make
suggestions of what you consider useful for the future, express your
concerns about what it not going well and so on.

please respond to me off-list and don't hold back. simply brainstorm
and let me know. nothing is too crazy or trivial.

since the active size of the LAMMPS users forum has grown
significantly over the last years (in quantity and quality), i am
looking forward to reading many great and useful suggestions.

thanks in advance,