LAMMPS Workshop

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Joseph Morris. I am currently a University of New Mexico student studying Nuclear Engineering. As a part of my research I have been tasked to learn a molecular dynamics code for the purpose of modeling radiation interaction (primarily neutrons and gammas but also alpha and beta particles at a variety of energies) with particular crystal lattice structures to include CaF2. I am sending this message out as I was planning on attending the LAMMPS Workshop but because of my work situation with the Air Force I may not be able to attend the entire workshop. I will definitely attend the first day, including the beginners tutorials, but I wanted to ask advise as to which sessions I should attempt to attend on Thursday and Friday that would pertain to the work that I need to do (as well as the times in which those sessions will be held - currently not updated on the LAMMPS site). If you have any further questions as to what my research entails I will be available at this email address during the weekdays.

Joseph P Morris
General Engineer

We won’t have the program for the workshop posted

for another month (e.g. 1 July), after the paper

submission deadline at the end of June.

There will likely be a KIM tutorial, either as part

of the beginner’s tutorial or in a breakout, which

will cover good MD practices.