LAMMPS Workshops

Hello LAMMPS Community,

I am looking for a workshop on LAMMPS. I found the LAMMPS workshop symposium 2021 but I can not have access to the material.

I tried to install the Virtual Machine but could not do that, Do we have access to the material in this workshop or is there a way to get access?

Is there any other course/ workshop that you would recommend to do on LAMMPS?

Thanks a lot


You are not looking for a “workshop”, you are looking for tutorials. Check out LAMMPS Tutorials and 4. Run LAMMPS — LAMMPS documentation

Thank you so much Alex for replying fast, I downloaded LAMMPS_Tutorial.ova, when I want to choose from file the “import Appliance”, I can not because it is not active. I was not sure if it was because it is not accessible or I did something wrong.

I have a hard time producing plots from the data.txt files Iam getting from LAMMPS because of not being familiar with the other tools needed (Now I am using Mathematica to import and plot my data). (I also want to get familiar with the other convinient tools and the ways people handle producing initial data files or plotting). In the workshop I mensioned in the above question, Dr. Plimpton is using the terminal for plotting and I would love to follow him and learn. The problem is I do not have access to the material in the first place.

I am already following Simon Gravelle tutorials.

It works for me. So it may be due to either some permission issue or you are using a VirtualBox version that somehow does not support the appliance file format.

Steve uses in his demonstrations always tools/scripts that are available in the tools folder of the LAMMPS source code distribution and examples that are in the examples folder. So you do have access to the material.