Lammpsfe - user interface for LAMMPS

Dear LAMMPS Users:

The company Scifes Inc has launched a software product called “Lammpsfe".
Lammpsfe - stands for LAMMPS frontend - it is a user interface
specifically created for LAMMPS.

The goal is to enhance user experience with LAMMPS and increase
availability to wider audience.

Lammpsfe consists of GUI for LAMMPS input script and MDViewer for
LAMMPS output visualization (runs on Linux,Mac,Windows).

The MDViewer, which is based on latest OpenGL-technology, includes
such capabilities as viewing several millions of atoms (even on a
laptop) as well as
looking at the LAMMPS trajectories with changing numbers of atoms/molecules.

The team is committed to further develop Lammpsfe based on users’ feedback.
Please visit/check back for details, demos and
latest updates.

Happy Holidays!

With best wishes,
- Lammpsfe team.

Valeriu Smirichinski - Lammpsfe team member